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Old 01-09-2011, 04:17 AM
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Default new quest idea

So here is an idea for a repeatable quest. Lets have a quest that is big and random. Along the lines of the Weeland quests or bigger.

Some examples:
Kill 10k-20k creatures in fens.
Kill 10k soldiers in rumil (that would be lower !magic rumil, vs 5000 mages for upper rumil)
Kill 1500 dragons/wyverns in DS

The quests would have a 1-2 week time period with a 1-2 day cool down.

The quests would be random in where it assigned you to go to kill. So one time it might be fens, next might be bayeshi, etc.

Maybe the quest would be somewhat random in difficulty (one time you get 5000 in fens, next time you get 7000).

The quests would have some rules associated with assignment. It should take character size and class into account. Some other suggestions for things it should account for:

1) It should account for ranks similar to the way invasions do. So it wouldn't assign areas like Kazbek, Goolms, SH unless you were around General rank in size. It wouldn't assign zones like hades to those below officer rank, etc.

2) Rank should be taken into account for mob counts required to complete the request (which would accordingly affect rewards). So someone 50k rank might only have to kill 2000 of something while someone 150k rank might have to kill 10000 of the same thing

3) Class should be taken into account. Caster classes should not be assigned to kill lower rumil, its just unfair. Classes that don't have evasion shouldn't be assigned to kill mobs with heavy counters (such as bhalin gnomes) other than DS as its also unfair to ask someone to spend 50% of their time healing in temple for a week. Class alignment restrictions should also be taken into account. Classes with very strict alignment restrictions should not be assigned to kill something that is going to hose them making it almost impossible to complete the quest in a reasonable fashion.

4) Mob counts and repop times for zones should be taken into account. If there are only 400 mobs in a zone and it repops once an hour or longer, assigning 10000 is a bit much. Zones that are always empty (Paragon) should have that taken into heavy consideration and possibly not be added to the list.

5) It should definitely be a very generic kill quest. Instead of killing a specific mob or 1000 of this and 1000 of that, just kill 10000 of anything. Some zones can intelligently be split. Rumil can be split into soldiers and mages (lower/upper). WLC can be split into north (paladins)/south (natives). Bhalin can be split between goolms and gnomes. But the general idea is kill everything (or a generic group of something) and kill it lots and lots.

So for rewards. The rewards for this quest should be REALLY random. It should take into account the size of the quest (based on size of char factor and any randomness factor). The reward should leave you with a feeling of OMG all the way to "wow I got screwed" and pretty much everything in between. This is basically rewarding you for running (however, it can/will get you to run outside of your comfort zones).

So here are some of the things I was thinking for rewards:
1k-100k plats
100-2000 practices
10-50 jewel fragments/scraps/mixed
5-15 components
3-10 salvage
1-5 gems completely at random (5 converters, 5 big gems, who knows)
1 really big container
1-5 sun stones (rarely)
1 marble (very very very rarely)

So basic idea, random quest assignment to kill lots and lots of things. Huge potential in the rewards, but also big potential to feel screwed even though you basically got something for doing what you do normally anyway (just might have to do it outside your comfort zone).
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