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Old 04-14-2008, 04:07 PM
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Default Any new areas in the works?

I was just curious if we lose all of our builders, I know of 1 that has done a great job of building, but it seems to me anyway there are no active builders left? Would be nice to get an active builder back in the game, we can always use more interesting areas. For the bigger players anyway theres only about 3 decent running places, and they are starting to get overpopulated, just my 2 cents/
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Old 04-28-2009, 05:46 PM
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Default difficulty in areas

I like the areas idea :P I'm sure some minds are stirring on this subject - allow it time to catch up to your desires :P

But in the mean time: lets list some things you'd like to see in a 'big' players zone, that would make it challenging - but not unreasonable. Anyone with ideas, feel free to post!! I'll start:

1) Decent amount of aggros [but no disarming mobs or bleeding mobs!]
1a) No Archimages! or valks! :P
1b) or maybe include all that to make group leaders alternate turns, hmm

2) Mobs that group and flank - this would be interesting - and could probably increase group running, and bring a need for more healers to the Nodekian planes.

3) Another area like Pen

4) Mobs that flee before being killed

5) Tiny touching druids to randomly port in and beat on the group - so you keep an eye on your hps and not roam around like Demigodzillaz!

I'm out of ideas for now :P Anyone feel free to jump in!
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