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Default Summary of classes' role based on Whim's design plan (of June 5,2009)

Hi this is old news but i thought i'd add it here for a quick reference as i found this helpful for people who would like to contribute to suggestions to class development or would like to get a feel of what the classes are going to be like or are like now. I suppose this is an old post and most probably Whim might have changed his mind slightly but i reckon this is a good reference point.
taken from Sixth Sense blogspot

(solo, single-target, offensive)
Rockin' single target damage, especially against slower targets. Nobody clears an area of hapless chumps better. As a base class, the Barbarian tends to eschew any but the most basic of defensive and reactive abilities, instead relying on their opponent's inability to get back up again. For a hulking brute, however, the Barbarian does have a surprising number of tactical options, especially when he gets the jump on his target.

(group/stealth, single-target, defensive)

Like the natural world she is attuned to, the Druid is long-lived and patient; her force is sometimes slow to gather, but difficult to deny. Anticipation and planning are key, as the Druid is much stronger as a defensive, reactionary caster than as an offensive beast. Many of the Druid's abilities wax and wane with the spheres of nature, and many are derived from the Druid's choice of haven - a single, stationary sanctuary which serves as a temporary "home base".

(group, single-target, offensive/defensive/weaken)

In many ways, the Fallad stands evenly between two realms - healer and crusader, offense and defense, hammer and mind. Fallads are charged with the eradication of evil and the cleansing of its corrupted path. Their mastery of both the physical and the spiritual marks them as stout warriors and valued protectors in their own right; however, it is when facing opposition in its most perilous forms that the fallad truly feels his greater calling. Even the strongest bastion of evil will crumble under the Fallad's ability to intimidate and weaken large opponents.

(stealth, single-target, offensive)

Cowardice, weakness, greed - the words that uptight moralists will only spit forth are the very principles that define the Footpad's strength. Fighting face-to-face is for suckers and coffin stuffers - a footpad's m.o. is to bewilder, bleed, distract, and harass until his mark has been dispatched.

(group, single-target, defensive)

Whatever evil and malice can do, the healer can undo with a word. The path of the Healer is never an easy one, and yet few can stand with such subtle, unrelenting strength in the face of dire opposition. Every spiteful act begins with some small thread of hate, and it is the Healer's talent to find that thread and unravel the offense. A Healer is not necessarily slow to anger, but she is an expert at control; for when reaction and defense falter, the offensive initiative must be taken, and the Healer's status with her deities is such that few pleas go unheard - even those that entail the sacrifice of peace for the greater good.

(solo/stealth, single-target, offensive)

The Hunter is a lone warrior- swift, silent, and deadly. While a Hunter may not stand toe-to-toe with an armored warrior or call upon the deep mystical resources that a true magus might, the Hunter is resourceful in his own right, possessing a formidable array of weapons and tools with which to even the odds. Hunters tend more towards the solitary than group warfare, picking their targets carefully and choosing to enlist the aid of their obedient pets rather than more argumentative humanfolk.

(solo/stealth, single/multi-target, offensive)

The Marauder values chaos and self-preservation above all else. Confusion reigns supreme over any battlefield darkened by a Marauder's presence; powerful warriors in their own right, they represent certain danger to their foes and a potential threat to their less careful allies, as well. The Marauder holds impressive sway over the darker forms of magic, and they will happily rain destruction down upon friend and foe alike, savoring the chaos and mayhem.

(solo, single-target, offensive/defensive)

The Monk is, in many ways, the Marauder's opposing counterpart. The Monk values tranquility and order, and his inner focus grants him incredible levels of self-control as well as great strength in both the physical and the spiritual arts. His spiritual talents grant him wide access to abilities in the realm of the protective and the introspective; his physical talents, on the other hand, are the product of endless intensive training and are tied closely to an assortment of physical stances, each of which open up varying offensive options.

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Default continuation

(solo/group, single-target, weaken)

Brethren of the shadow, the Necromancers hold little regard for the pathetic boasts and clamorous displays of the physical, except as a source of fodder. While the Necromancer holds little inherent power or physical strength to speak of, their talent lies in the draining and the subversion of other resources. Through dark rituals and sacrifice, the Necromancer can call forth vile fiends to do his worldy bidding, and with a single word he can bring down the strongest champion, sapping his victim's strength for his own twisted purposes.

(stealth, single-target, offensive)

Secretive and silent, the Ninja are truly in their element when their mark is unaware and unsuspecting. These assassins combine physical prowess, swiftness, and some unique mystical talents to swiftly dispatch their target before fading again into the night. While the Ninja prefer to avoid face-to-face combat whenever possible, they are formidable fighters in any situation; a Ninja is never cornered for long, be it due to a swift escape on their part or a swift execution of the offending obstacle.

(solo/group, single-target, offensive)

Warriors of the sky, the Nojohr are sometimes mistaken for warriors of the divine. However, the Nojohr holds allegiance to no single deity or religion; the source of their connection to the high realms is unknown, but the power they derive is undeniable. The Nojohr are masters at adapting to various forms of combat, possessing a tactical breadth unmatched by most other warriors, especially in the arena of offensive and hindering maneuvers. The Nojohr usually opts for the physical resolution over the mystical, although their connection to the powers of sky and thunder grants them a variety of otherworldly benefits.

(group, single/multi-target, defensive)

The true defender of the righteous word, the Paladin's way is difficult at times, and is sometimes seen as single-minded. The truth, however, is never as clear-cut as people imagine. The Paladin understands this, and every decision made by these holy defenders is carefully considered and weighed. Once a Paladin is set in his conviction, however, it takes an army to bring him down. These warriors of the light possess monstrous reserves of inner strength, and can call upon a vast array of divine gifts in their struggle against evil. The Paladin is especially talented at groupwide restorative and defensive effects, extending these talents to shelter and protect their allies.

(solo/group, single-target, defensive)

When the dust clears and the battlefield is finally quiet, the smart money rests on the Poliir as the last woman standing. These warriors have devoted their lives to the study of defense, and little else. In battle, this translates into two benefits: the direct application of defense as it applies to their own form, and the analysis and nullification of the enemy's defenses. While the offensive power of the Poliir is neither blunt nor flashy, it is inevitable, and a skilled Poliir will wear her opponent down slowly and relentlessly while suffering little damage on her own.

(solo, single/multi-target, offensive/limited defensive)

The goal of the Sorcerer is simple - the acquisition and application of power. The ability of a master Sorcerer to focus consistent destructive magical power at a single target is unrivalled, and limited only by the magical resources of the Sorcerer himself. Inevitably, a Sorcerer's quest for power will lead him into studies of the otherwordly and the extraplanar, and as such most Sorcerers develop a keen affinity for planar connection and travel. The formidable power which a Sorcerer can bring to bear is not limited to the offensive, however; when necessary, the Sorcerer is capable of directing that power defensively, calling forth seemingly impenetrable defenses for short periods of time.

(group, single-target, offensive)

The Valkyrie is defined by history and conflict, grace and song. In ages past, the Valkyrie was charged with guiding the souls of fallen soldiers to their otherworldy reward, singing powerful hymns and lamentations for the benefit of the living and the post-living alike; in times of great conflict, however, these warriors have been known to descend to the realm of the physical themselves. The Valkyrie derives her power through grace and certainty, bringing her deadly dance to the battlefield while inspiring her allies with resonant songs that provide groupwide offensive boosts.

(solo, single-target, offensive)

Masters of mind and body, the Warlock is a peculiar hybrid of warrior and spellcaster. Their supreme mental control allows them to push their bodies to physical limits that would be fatal to lesser beings, while ignoring the pain and ill effects of incoming wounds. The most accomplished Warlocks can extend their mental supremacy into the physical world itself, warping time and creating matter from nothing. Warlocks tend towards the solitary, for obvious reasons.

(solo, single-target, weaken)

The Witch's power, and indeed her greatest joy, lies in the infliction of various maladies and misfortunes upon others. No other class can match the range and creativity of afflictions which the Witches have painstakingly developed and perfected for their amusement. At the hands of a Witch, the strongest warrior can be reduced to a simpering coward, and even an entire town can be stricken down with but a word.

(solo, single/multi-target, offensive)

A master of conjuration and control, the Wizard is an avid student of magic, learning from every source she can read, study, view, or scry. The Wizards' strengths are varied, as they tend to pick up new talents easily from a variety of sources, but they have proven especially adept at extraplanar magic. As such, their talents tend to lean towards wide, far-reaching abilities linked to various planes, as well as the summoning and binding of extraplanar inhabitants to do their bidding.
2007 Cup

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Definitely not out of date - these notes are still representative of my direction for each class. =) Once my focus turns towards class enhancement (once I'm through with the content/rewards push), this is what I'll be working on.
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