Update 5/22/2009: Sentinels in Sigil Citadels and some scale changes Print
Written by Serenity   
Friday, 22 May 2009 22:57

  - Ascension of the templar now provides benefits beyond 100% mastery.

  - Sunray and moonray attacks (such as those from ascension of the templar
    and lunar vision) have had their damage cap changed into a diminishing
    cap. (This means that prior to the change, their base damage had a
    strict cap which could not be exceeded. This cap was set very low
    relative to current character levels. Now, these attacks will scale
    properly, but will scale more slowly past that damage cap.)

  - Sleight of hand-strike has had its partial damage cap changed into a
    diminishing cap. In addition, its scaling beyond 100% has been
    improved slightly and extended up to 600%.

  - Vicious fist, hurricane kick, and au-sem-mao now improve with mastery
    beyond 300% up to 600%. Scaling has been very slightly improved.

  - Sentinels in Sigil Citadels are no longer attackable (either directly
    or indirectly, such as with area attacks).

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