Update 5/27/2009: A scrounger in town, mini event changes Print
Written by Serenity   
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 16:57
  - A scrounger mob has been added to Ruushi. However, whenever the
    city suffers [ moderate ] or worse damage, he flees the city and
    will not return until Ruushi's damage situation improves (via
    a more successful defense). Note that this scrounger gnome is
    activated via 'answer salvage', not 'follow'. (As will be the
    default with all future quest mobs, 'answer help' provides a
    command list from the gnome in case you forget.) (No, he won't
    flee in the middle of a salvage operation. =))

  - The Vl'lakian Invasion event has been re-activated, with a number
    of improvements:

     - Major AI streamlining.
     - Use 'answer help' to get a command list from each NPC. (Many
       commands have changed.) ALL future quest mobs will respond to
       'answer help'.
     - Uncommon-spawn giant invader bosses who will kick the crap out
       of Ruushi.
     - A new NPC (Krijjkar) who would like the heads of those bosses. =)

     - Dynamic reinforcement adjustment. Now, the type of reinforcements
       that arrive will alter its distribution if certain invader types
       are all "farmed out".
     - "Gating sickness" now prevents invaders from damaging Ruushi for
       a short period after their initial arrival, to give the defense
       time to assemble.

     - Numerous other performance enhancements and bug fixes.
  - Mobs and followers can no longer cleave.
grimm (Registered) 2009-05-27 12:26:54

Be cool if tloka, rp guy and shop keepers leave as well be very interesting.
i'd know ppl who would want them to stay!
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