Update 5/30/2009: Invasion upgrade Print
Written by Serenity   
Saturday, 30 May 2009 07:09

  - The Invasion of Ruushi is active once more, with even more
    upgraded goodness:
      - The 'enhanced rune' now has even greater functionality,
        allowing its use on weaker targets as well as stronger
        ones. Talk to Christof for details.
      - You can now directly obtain an enhanced rune via 'answer
        enhance' - you no longer need to obtain a standard rune
        first (although that will still work, as well).
      - Turning in a major boss head will now have help alleviate
        city damage temporarily.
      - A few new invaders will arrive at certain times. Be aware -
        the invasion may be a little more dangerous than before
        for those participating.
      - The Vl'lakian bruisers have gone on permanent strike and
        will no longer be seen.
      - Infuriating runes should now work more reliably, especially
        in high-traffic and group situations.
      - Increased the discrete levels of city damage from four to
        five (see 'help ruushi invasion').
      - Dynamic reinforcement code has been rewritten and is now
        much, much more intelligent.
      - Major improvements to AI speed, dialogue, and various
        quest mob commands (such as Christof's 'answer target').
      - Many updates to 'help ruushi invasion' to reflect these



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