Update 6/17/2009: warp reality / Stoicism / Quickbolt / Windcoil / Winter storm of satio Print
Written by Serenity   
Wednesday, 17 June 2009 04:35

  - New minor remort marauder skill: warp reality.
  - Stoicism is now cheaper, slightly more powerful at low to
    moderate mastery %s, and slightly less powerful at very high
    mastery %s.

  - Quickbolt - oe najk now has a reduced effect unless it is used
    within the druid's haven (in which case it retains full effect). 
  - Windcoil's prevention is now halved within the druid's haven.
  - Winter storm of satio now has two modes of operation - the same
    damaging blasts at low satio, and an incapacitating function at
    high satio. See the help file for details.
  - More internal AI improvements for upcoming areas.

Warp reality:

Usage: warp reality

Warp reality is a kyf naj'k prevention ability. Its prevention can
only be reduced through increased intellect. Warp reality cannot be
used in a safe room.

The marauder's creed is a simple and elegant one - to rain chaos and
confusion across the battlefield until there is no one left to hack

The power to warp reality comes with disturbing ease to any marauder
of significant ability; even impairments such as bash or temple touch
cannot restrict the usage of warp reality. This ability manifests
itself in two parts.

First, warp reality will bend and twist the physical environment of
the world itself. The room that this ability is used in becomes a
stage of chaos, and movement through it is flipped around. This aspect
is very short-lived - reality reasserts itself very quickly, and the
environmental warping ceases at the very next tick.

More than just the environment is affected, however. Each other entity
that witnesses the warping, be it friend or foe, has a chance of being
disoriented. Those who succumb will suffer a combat disadvantage for a
duration dependent on the marauder's intellect. Moreover, the discord
sown instills within the marauder a malicious glee, restoring an amount
of mana, spirit, and endurance proportional to the number of beings

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