Update 6/21/2009: Monk stances / Meditative healing / Sigil of the undead army Print
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Tuesday, 23 June 2009 03:52

  - Monk stances have been revamped, and now fall under the common
    grouping of 'martial styles'. The revamped styles are:
    annulment stance, dragon stance, hao'tien stance, mantis stance
    See the new 'help martial styles' helpfile for information on
    the interaction between these skills, and each individual
    helpfile for specific changes.
  - Meditative healing now provides additional benefits, and now
    scales with mastery beyond 350% (up to 600%).
  - Sigil of the undead army now summons 3 followers instead of 8;
    these are balanced such that the spell's power remains fairly
    similar. The spell now scales beyond 100%, and with willpower.
  - Follower's corpses will now have a delayed decay time.


Martial styles:

These abilities form the basic martial styles:

annulment stance, dragon stance, hao'tien stance, mantis stance

Some subclasses possess additional martial styles. Any skill that is a
basic martial style will be clearly marked in its helpfile. Basic
martial styles derive their effectiveness from the user's learn curve
and intellect.

Each martial style provides two benefits upon activation:
- A long-term boost to a single stat, lasting ten minutes.
- A short-term "burst" benefit with a brief duration.

As long as martial styles are used in sequence (that is, the monk does
not activate a martial style when another is already active), no
prevention of any kind is incurred. The monk may use the same style
continuously, or adopt a new style when the first has dropped.

The monk may manually drop a style by using the ability when it is
already active. Doing so incurs a 15 minute prevention on that style.

Finally, a monk may choose to devise a "composite style" by combining
multiple martial styles. Whenever a style is stacked upon another, the
monk gains/resets a 15-second timer, during which more styles may be
added. When this timer expires, or when the monk reaches the maximum
number of styles he can combine, the monk gains a "state of reflection"
lock which prevents him from using any martial styles for a duration
based on the number of styles stacked. Most monks can only stack up
to 3 styles at once.

Thus, martial styles provide the monk with a number of options:
- Continuous benefits from one martial style at a time, including a
  constant boost to a single stat based on the style selected.
- Alternating burst benefits gained by dropping and switching styles.
- Full stacked benefits from multiple styles, at the cost of being
  style locked for a duration proportional to the quantity stacked.

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