Update 8/4/2009: Evasion Vs. Pools / Warlock Weapons / Windcoil / Deacying touch Print
Written by Serenity   
Tuesday, 04 August 2009 07:11
  - Attacking pets in the Citadel will no longer flag you.
  - Evasion's success is now reduced by the attacker's spellpower
    (maximum mana + maximum spirit). The rate of reduction is
    based on a comparison to the evader's spellpower. Thus, more
    spellpower is desirable to both evader and attacker.
  - Warlock weapons and transmutations are now usable in combat.
  - Fixed a bug with the spite-forged falx which severely reduced
    its chance to hit in some situations.
  - Windcoil is now an advanced hand form ability (does not
    interfere with decaying touch). Prevention time increased.
  - Decaying touch revamped (weaker, but grows over time).
  - These druid abilities have been improved and can now be used
    outside of combat: lunar vision, rock formation of the druid.
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