Update 8/31/2009: Flank my Dex/AI Stuf/Consider improved/flanking capped/DamageCap effects improved Print
Written by Odinn   
Monday, 31 August 2009 14:44
  - Flanking bonuses now increase with dexterity.

  - Several big internal AI updates for upcoming content.
  - The 'consider' command has been improved.
  - Effectiveness of damage cap effects has been slightly improved.

  - Flanking has been updated; see the help file for specifics.
    The main changes include:
    - Flanking's bonus now has a cap. This cap is based on the
      relative offensive power between flanker and victim.
      (Stronger victim = higher flanking potential. Overall,
      flanking's potential has been reduced somewhat on targets
      with similar or lower offensive power.)
    - The flanked victim's +dam is now weighted more strongly than
      +hit in calculating the flanking severity.
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