Update 10/9/2009: Divinity / Speed v Dex / Renown / Nim Print
Written by Serenity   
Friday, 09 October 2009 01:57

  - Divinity now grants dexterity.
  - Speed is now balanced against dexterity as follows:
    - Dexterity determines the number of "steady" speed-granted
      attacks you can make in one round.
    - Any speed-granted attacks which you make beyond your
      "steady" maximum will have their accuracy and damage
      degraded progressively.
    - Attacks other than those granted by speed (such as racials
      and bonus attacks) are never degraded, and they never
      count towards your "steady" maximum.
    - Unsteadiness is only noticeable when your speed greatly
      exceeds your dexterity. Any given dexterity score always
      grants enough steady attacks for an equal speed score.
  - Some expansion to the renown system:
    - The base renown level is now 500 (see below).
    - Renown will not decay below this base level. (Being pkilled
      will drain your renown, however. See 'help renown'.)
    - If your renown is below the base level, it will slowly and
      automatically rise as long as you are adventuring outside of
      a safe room.
    - More functionality based on renown is being planned (for
      example, random events that only happen to renowned heroes).
  - You can no longer nim from mobs which are unattackable.

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