Update 12/9/2009: Witch buff Print
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Wednesday, 09 December 2009 21:05

 Update 12/9/2009:
  - New mortal witch spell: profane litany.
  - Mortal witches no longer have magic arrow. Witches now receive
    several abilities at an earlier level than before, to aid in
    the levelling process.


Profane litany:

Usage: cast 'profane litany' <target>
Usage: cast 'profane litany' (when already in battle, this ability will
       automatically target your opponent if no target is supplied)

Profane litany is a basic curse prevention ability. Its duration and
prevention are constant and cannot be reduced through any means.

As one of the basic curses obtained by those who delve into the art of
witchcraft, the profane litany is a popularly used malady. By no means,
however, is it a weak affliction, for the litany draws its power from the
deepest fiery planes.

The power of this curse is twofold. First, the witch's target will have his
or her soul struck with a weakening enchantment, rendering the victim more
vulnerable to magical damage. Second, through the use of the litany, the
witch opens up a conduit to the deep planes of hell, gaining the ability
to channel that hellfire through the 'fireball' spell.

Any use of the 'fireball' spell while the user possesses the 'hellfire
vassal' effect has a chance of calling upon that link, sending forth an
additional blast of hellfire. This hellfire blast is treated as an
additional minor fireball in most ways; however, it is considered an
unholy attack and it bypasses ALL immunities and resistances.

The power of this spell is based upon the caster's intellect, wisdom, and
willpower. Mastery in this spell beyond 100% slowly improves its power,
and grants each hellfire blast the potential to deal additional damage.

Eicile (Registered) 2009-12-10 10:58:35

What if instead of casting magic vulnerability to whoever profane is cast upon
the witch gets an affect and who ever is gets hit gets the magic vulnerability
something like spatha.
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