Update 1/14/2010: Wounding / Decree of Guilt / Free Movement / Inscriptions Print
Written by Serenity   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 09:33

  - PCs now have a chance of wounding their target. A wounded
    target will slowly bleed a small percentage of their hit points
    over time while in combat. Leaving combat for a few seconds
    will allow a wounded player to automatically bind the wound.
    Wounding is tied strongly to dexterity and +hit, and characters
    who focus on accuracy over damage will inflict stronger wounds
    more reliably. It is more difficult to wound a target with a
    high constitution. For more info, see 'help wounding'.
  - Decree of guilt now increases the paladin's alignment with each
    target successfully smote.
  - Free movement has been improved. (It now allows the player to
    perform non-attack actions while impaired.)
  - Inscription points are now based solely on rank tiers.
  - Internal AI improvements for upcoming content.

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