Update 1/18/2010: Silver Inferno / Eruptiv Stigma / Unearthly Rapture / Immunity, Healing and Counter changes / Special Room Effects Print
Written by Serenity   
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 02:30

  - Silver inferno has been reduced in power, and it is no longer
    a subclass ability (it is available to all major remort
    marauders). It no longer avoids group members, and the buff
    is strongly dependent on the number of targets struck.
  - New firebrand ability: eruptive stigma.
  - Unearthly rapture can now absorb all attack types, even those
    that normally could not be counterattacked (big buff =)).
  - Jakaen fire, frost, and lightning immunities are now 50%.
  - Counterattacks now behave according to their damage types
    (they are now affected by vulnerabilities, resistances, etc.)

  - All healing effects are now affected by healing amplification.
    (Natural hp regeneration per tick is not a healing effect.)
  - Special room effects (such as trewans or monk exits) will no
    longer bar PKers from entering the room.

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