Update 1/27/2010: Invasion revamp / Follower change Print
Written by Serenity   
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 23:56

  - The Ruushi Invasion revamp is finally live! The event has been
    upgraded big time. Make sure you approach it with a fresh eye,
    as many things have changed. A few caveats:

    - Certain aspects of the Invasion are more difficult than
      before - be careful.
    - The event will be undergoing fine-tuning for the next
      few days; various aspects may be slightly too difficult
      or too easy for the time being. Expect the Invasion to
      be down at times, as I may disable it while working on it.
    - The faction reward mob (Krijjkar) is not in the game yet.
      He will be introduced once the Invasion has been tuned
      properly. (That's where the first inscriptions will come
  - Followers no longer share the NPC resistance to open wounds.

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