Update 2/7/2010: attack changes / pet bug fix / invasion tweaks Print
Written by Serenity   
Sunday, 07 February 2010 07:56

  - The following commands now accept multiple arguments: 'kill',
    'target', and various hunting skills. For example, you can
    now specifically attack a red dragon by typing 'kill red

  - Open wounds now cause their hp loss more quickly.

  - Fixed a bug which allowed pets to use skills which were
    available to NPCs but disabled for pets. (Spells were not
    affected.) Certain pet-disallowed skills have been enabled
    to minimize the impact of this fix.    

  - Recent Invasion balance/content changes:
    - Slightly increased the rank required before a player 
      'graduates' from half-ogres to rockbiters.
    - Jailwatch ogres now load keys far more frequently. They
      also now load some gear, such as rucksacks.
    - Shriveled ogres are less common.
    - Howling/sulfurous ogres will no longer load on the initial
      invasion wave. (Otherwise, they would grow unchecked if
      there were no defenders in a tier to eliminate them.)
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