Update 3/4/2010: Print
Written by Odinn   
Friday, 12 March 2010 14:56

  - IMPORTANT: If you have not participated in the Ruushi Invasion
    event for a few weeks, your previously earned faction may fade
    permanently in the next couple of days! (Faction earned before
    this message has a duration of 4 weeks before it disappears.)
    In order to retain your previously earned faction, you must
    earn at least 1 faction point before 28 days has elapsed since
    your last faction gain.
    From this point on, new faction gains will refresh your faction
    duration for a much longer period (2 years).
  - The Ruushi lookout has been added to the watchtower above the
    temple. He can provide status reports on a current Invasion
    in progress, and a battle summary for a recently completed
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