Update 3/16/2010: Vet IP / Anti-recall / Inscriptions / Invasion Print
Written by Serenity   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 01:31
  - Nodeka is back up and running! Please note that the old veteran
    IP address is no longer accessible - those of you who were
    connecting to Nodeka through the special veteran IP address will
    no longer be able to do so, and should now use the primary IP
    The veteran IP address existed for the purpose of providing
    players with a faster connection; however, we have quadrupled the
    available network bandwidth, and so we will no longer need a
    second connection for that purpose. Thank you!
  - Anti-recall effects now work properly in combat.
  - Several inscriptions and ciphers have had their effects improved:
      armor: loj, yikwon hand form: bal,
      ogrish malison, magi's remembrance, cyclopean riddle.
  - Invasion updates and bugfixes:
    - Fixed a bug in spawning which caused hunchbacks and half-ogres
      to spawn far too slowly, and ogre lords to spawn too quickly.
    - The golem mission no longer requires you to be in the same
      room as the golem - it will now complete as long as you are
      in the same area.
    - Ogre lords have less hp.
    - Fixed a design issue in which killing invaders of a higher
      tier could sometimes cause that tier to start spawning,
      even if there were no defenders of that tier.

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