Update 3/30/2010: Power Outage Print
Written by Serenity   
Wednesday, 31 March 2010 14:53

  - The following characters were affected by the power outage:

    Grumman, Krunk, Seraphim, Serenity, Sixx, Solifugid, Sutire, Syveril, 
 Ta-lar, Tamrik, Telad, Tiima, Telad, Zolo.

    With the exception of Tiima (a new character), all corrupted
 pfiles have been restored to the last backup date of 3/28/2010.

 Nijlo will be compensating those characters whose pfiles were
 corrupted. If your name is on the above list, please contact
 Nijlo on Nodeka and he will compensate you for your lost work
 from 3/28/2010 to the present.

 Tiima, please recreate your character and contact Nijlo on Nodeka
 and he will reset your stats and compensate you for your loss.

 Note: to those who would try to impersonate Tiima, we have looked
       at the IP log and know Tiima's IP address. So save yourself
    the effort.
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