Update 7/2/2010: Requisition gear / crafted change / warlock buff Print
Written by Serenity   
Friday, 02 July 2010 23:59
  - Players may now purchase requisition gear with their
    Ruushi faction! See 'help invasion requisition' for
    - Requisition gear is available for both mortals and 
    - When Ruushi is well-defended, trade routes open up
      which allow for better material access. Thus, better
      scores in the Invasion events will allow players to
      obtain better requisition gear.    
    - Requisition gear lasts 3 weeks. Stats may be tweaked
      over time.
  - Fixed a bug where superb crafted items were erroneously
    getting an extra stat boost (they were being treated as
    suffixed items, which get a bonus boost to their stat
    curve). Slightly adjusted the overall stat curve for 
    crafted items.
  - Warlocks now have extrinsic elucidation.
  - Added some powerful new menu AI functionality so that we 
    can bring you better quest menus with less coding time. =)
    More content incoming, watch your heads!
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