Update 7/6/2010: Invasion reward Updates Print
Written by Serenity   
Tuesday, 06 July 2010 17:16

  - Invasion accolades are now available for purchase from
    Krijjkar! (The spoils of war system, which provides a
    chance for special rare loot based on your accolades,
    is still in the process of being implemented.)
  - The bonuses on requisition gear have been improved slightly.
    (Any requisition gear purchased before this update will have
    its bonuses improved the next time you log in.)
  - Requisition gear now costs less faction to obtain.

  - Fixed a bug which allowed players to access requisition
    gear slots which they did not possess enough accolades to

  - Improved a number of general help files to be more 
    informative for new players.
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