Update 8/13/2010: nojohr upgrades / eruptive stigma / race changes / xt inscription Print
Written by Serenity   
Saturday, 14 August 2010 15:05

  - Nojohr updates:
     - New mortal nojohr skill: war-strike.
     - New minor remort nojohr spell: galvanize.
     - Warrior's study and warrior's magical study have been altered.
In order to learn an ability, the user now needs to find a player or NPC who possesses that ability (being in the same room is sufficient).
     - Slightly improved and randomized the defensive benefit of cleave mastery beyond 100%.

  - Eruptive stigma's duration has been increased.

  - A message is now displayed whenever an open wound is inflicted or increased.

  - Exchanged the continuous healing percentages for the gargoyle and black drake lineages. Increased troll vulnerability.    
  - Improved the extrinsic elucidation: xt inscription (new passive effect, buffed the empowered effect).

  - Various fixes to key mobs across the realm (flagging them unattackable or uncharmable).
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