Update 3/2/2010: Inscriptions & Ciphers / Druid changes / Fallad Changes Print
Written by Serenity   
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 03:57

  - The first wave of inscriptions and ciphers is now available 
    to all inhabitants of Nodeka! Any player may purchase these
    upgrades to customize their character's abilities.

    - Krijjkar, who resides above Ruushi near Vai-shan, will sell
      inscriptions to players in exchange for faction points earned
      in Ruushi invasions.

    - Before you purchase anything, make sure that you read 'help
      inscriptions' and all related helpfiles thoroughly.

    - Krijjkar will develop more inscriptions soon (as well as
      other rewards to purchase with faction) - keep this in mind
      when deciding whether or not you want to invest in an 
      inscription right away.

  - Druid changes:
    - Rite of virility has been redesigned, and no longer provides
      unreasonable amounts of +hit/+dam.
    - Wild calling's prevention is less harsh outside of havens.

  - Fallad changes:  
    - Holy hammer deals slightly less damage when improved via the
      relevant canon. (Base damage is unaffected.)
    - Guided canon of mending's healing has been improved, and its
      prevention has been reduced.

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