Update 7/7/2010: Invasion changes / Rank / Sylphan Print
Written by Serenity   
Thursday, 08 July 2010 00:31

  - The two highest accolades for Invasion participants
    (Sentinel of the Stone City and Ru'shaelod) now grant
    a reduction in the cost of submitting requisitions to
    Margrave Krijjkar.

  - Shriveled ogre invaders can no longer inflict their
    withering curse while in combat.
  - Mesmeric ogre invaders will no longer cast their 
    maze-entrapment spell on players in safe rooms.
  - Mesmeric ogre invaders have developed a new repulsion 

  - Following one of Tyf's golems during an invasion will
    now cause that golem to group you, if you have a rune
    of heroism active. (You will not be allowed to see
    the golem's pools in your group list, but you will be
    able to use group-based abilities and rescue on it.)
  - When Shaker sends a player into the thunderheads for a
    warlock assault, he will now bestow a temporary spell of 
    protection from real-death (to avoid situations in which 
    a player might be unable to retrieve her corpse).
  - Fixed a bug in which a player's total rank would not be
    increased for mastery beyond 100% in secondary and
    tertiary subclass abilities.

  - Removed the "sylphan" keyword from geskos.
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