Update 7/25/2010: Print
Written by Serenity   
Sunday, 25 July 2010 06:56

  - Empowered auras have been strongly revamped.
    - Having any aura active automatically grants a bonus
      to combat.
    - Each different aura provides a unique secondary 
      enhancement as well.
    - These secondary enhancements are at a low percentage, 
      unless you possess at least one inscription of that 
      aura type. Each inscription you possess increases the 
      percentage of the matching aura's enhancements.
    - These enhancements are intentionally mysterious, and
      are subject to further balancing.

  - New mist warrior skill: lesser evasion.

  - Natural attunement may now be used from any position,
    including in combat.

  - The reduction in teleport lag granted by the 'visit: 
    zmo' and 'transient alteration: zmo' inscriptions has
    been improved.

  - Comatose group members will no longer grant any heroic
    grouping experience bonuses.
  - The morality/immorality regeneration bonuses are now
    multiplicative, rather than additive.
  - Life nova and unearthly rapture no longer have "locked"
    prevention times. (Their preventions can now be altered
    by effects such as time-walker.)
  - Fixed a bug which prevented players from advancing
    their second cipher beyond tier 1.
Lesser evasion. will it truly benefit?
grimm (Registered) 2010-07-25 16:29:55

I like how melees now have a chance to evade as well. That's awesome!
But i've
got a query or worry about this.

As evasion is base on willpower and
spellpower, how's that gonna work out from a ninja when that is clearly not a
stat/pool we practice whatsoever.

Would that be a problem for the ninja's and
not a good improvement?
It should be pitted against the ninja's agi and
endurance imo
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