Update 7/30/2010: Runes Print
Written by Serenity   
Saturday, 31 July 2010 00:05
  - Fixed a bug where, when an inscribed ability's empowered version was activated, the player's aura would disappear instead of shifting and refreshing.

  - New item bonus has been implemented: runes. If an item possesses any runes, they will be visible when identifying it.

    - Runes grant easier access to auras.
    - Runes also improve that aura's special enhancement.
    - Your total accumulated runes are visible in your inscription list.
    - Example: you obtain an amulet that bears a rune of +0.5 znv. Wearing this amulet would make it easier for you to raise a znv aura using 'empower znv'.
      It would also increase the percentage of the cryptic shrouding effect which is granted whenever you are within a znv aura.

  - Items may now be "attuned" to a specific player or NPC. (Such an item may only be equipped by the entity to whom it is attuned.) An attuned item's owner will be shown when examining or identifying the item.

  - New command: reattune. Note that some items cannot be reattuned by players (although NPCs may be able to help in some cases).

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