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Written by Nemesis   
Thursday, 25 December 2008 12:51
  - Karmova's Orator will no longer provide blessings (during a Golden
    or Dark Age) to players who are in safe rooms. This includes the
    additional confirmed devotion rewards and the seasonal missions
    which are received with these blessings.
    To receive your blessings, simply be outside of a safe room.
    For the best chance at a seasonal mission, be active and outside
    of a safe room when your morality's Age begins! This will ensure
    that seasonal missions go to active players and aren't "lost" on
    afk players.
  - Added an FAQ for the seasonal missions: "help seasonal mission faq".
    Also added "help saint of winter".
Serenity (Administrator) 2008-12-25 09:43:12

Well if you can not get the benefits from the trials while in safe, then you
should not lose them either... this in effect means renown should not countdown
while you are in safe either!
Of course this has just made trials pretty much
null and void for anyone in europe, or in a time zone other than the USA. The
majority of trials complete when I am either at work or in bed, this is the time
when USA is most active. So no point taking part unless its about 80+ percent
when you are active cause you will see no benefit.
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