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Written by Odinn   
Saturday, 06 June 2009 09:45

  - Sweet new sorcerer spell (all tiers): magus war-shell. Shields
    up, captain!

Magus war-shell:

Usage: cast 'magus war-shell'
Usage: invoke 'magus war-shell'

Magus war-shell is a zmo fortification prevention ability. It cannot be used
when you have a zmo fortification prevention active.

Magus war-shell is an on/off ability. Unlike normal prevention abilities,
magus war-shell does NOT prevent you when cast or invoked, if it is not
already active! Casting or invoking the spell when it is *already active*
will dissolve the spell and incur the prevention.

The magus war-shell is a battle invocation developed by long-forgotten
masters of the arcane in war-torn eras past. This spell raises an immobile
hemisphere of protective energy from the ground, surrounding the sorcerer
in all directions except for a narrow forward opening. Sketches and paintings
from the era depict entire regiments of sorcerers, perched in stationary
formations of shimmering war-shells like so many fiery turrets, raining death
upon their enemies.

This war-shell provides the sorcerer with a lateral defense, helping to
deflect close-range attacks that originate from any source other than
the sorcerer's forward target (see 'help affect: lateral deterrence'). In
addition, the war-shell provides a small regenerative benefit to the caster.
Thus, the war-shell is best suited to defending the sorcerer from an
onslaught of multiple attackers, but will be of some help in any combat

Note that the war-shell is immobile - the sorcerer cannot move while it
is active! Casting or invoking the spell again while it is already active
will drop the war-shell so that the caster may move again (and will also
incur the relevant prevention). There are many situations in which this
can be a strong and unexpected disadvantage (for example, recalling into
an anti-magic room with the shield up will leave you stuck until it falls
naturally) - be very careful!

The effectiveness of the magus war-shell improves slowly with strength and
constitution. Mastery in this ability beyond 100% has several benefits.
The lower levels of mastery beyond 100% improve its prevention time; the
moderate levels of mastery improve its effect; and all levels of mastery
beyond 100% provide an increasing bonus benefit.

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