Update 8/1/2009: Reminder/ Ninja Warlock buffs/Barbs normalized/Pet tone Print
Written by Odinn   
Saturday, 01 August 2009 10:48

  - One time "no practice loss" adaptation deadline has been
    reached; thus, this has been removed from the game.

  - Reminder - the one time "no practice loss" adaptation offer
    ends today, August 1st. I will leave it up until midnight
    PST. =)

  - Keiiken has been revamped into a sweet new prevention.
  - Tame now improves pet stats beyond 300%, but its overall
    scaling has been reduced.

  - The warlock wrinkle now gains additional charges based on
    intellect and constitution.
  - Improved the katar of subtle cruelty's critical chance.
  - Changed staff of the gate's prevention type to be easier to
    read at a glance (all base weapons read "item creation").
  - Some changes to insanity and havoc: activation costs have
    been reduced; scaling slightly reduced (especially when
    stacking both skills together); failure rate sharply reduced.
  - Pets can no longer use sentinel dominance.

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