Update 9/10/2010: Print
Written by Serenity   
Saturday, 11 September 2010 04:51

  - In an attempt to streamline Nodeka's MotDs and make the news easier to read, I will be keeping the actual changelist very brief from now on - no more big paragraphs.
    Each time the MotD is updated, I will post an entry on the Sixth Sense blog (nodeka.blogspot.com) discussing the new changes in greater detail, starting with today's news. =)
  - Sweet new sorcerer spell: cinderskein.
  - The range of the 'target' command is now based on learn curve.
  - The 'colossal smiting' attack is now slightly less accurate.
  - Increased the hand attack bonus from vicious fist mastery.
  - "Radius" multiple-target attacks (such as solar-flame and quickblade) will now work much more reliably.
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